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A simple thing, pencil on paper, started it all. Picking up that pencil, after seeing her older brother do the same, is one of Cameron Zerambo’s earliest memories, and it set her on a trajectory to being a skilled, original artist in a number of mediums.  While majoring in Fine Art and German at the University of Arizona, she found she needed a break from the high concept-driven, time-intense pieces of her schoolwork. And from that need, she discovered her iconic style. Her pieces have quickly become sought after by designers and stylists.


Fluid, minimalist lines intertwine and converge to create Cameron’s unique figures. Accented by spurts and drops of ink, her pieces convey a sense of movement and energy using the human form. Look closer and a bit longer. Discover endless shapes and intricacies hidden within the layered lines. And that’s the whole point. Find what you want to see.

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